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 Frequent Facial Friend 
Frequent Facial Friend

Hi Everyone
I want to tell you a little about my Frequent Facial Friend.
It's something I have wanted to start for some time now, but when you
work with others it's hard to do, now that I'm on my own again.
I'm looking forward to passing some of the savings on to you.

This is how it works.
If you come every month for a skincare treatment, whether it is a peel,
microdermabrasion, or a full facial, you will receive a 20% discount
on your treatment.

Say, your just starting and you come in this month, you will pay full price, next month
your skincare treatment will be 20% off and the month after that, the same and on.
Then you skip a month, no worries the next time you come in your treatment will be at
full price, then come the next month and you will start your 20% discounted price again.

There are no set-up fees and no monthly charges to your credit card
whether you come in or not.

Every little bit helps and your repeat visits should be rewarded.
As we progress, we will be giving other discounts with your visits.


Please ask about our 24 hour cancellation policy

My most desired appointments are at 10am or after 3pm
so keep in mind that these appointments are booked further out.

I'm so sorry...
Due to the current pandamic, I'm not booking appointments at this time.