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I Have a Question!
I Have a Question!

Why are you still waxing?

Is 100% Natural
Is Water Soluble
Skin is left Feeling Soft
Adheres Only to Dead Skin Cells
Safe for Clients with Varicose Veins
Sugar is Warmed to Body Temperature: Dose not Burn
Sugaring Diminishes Ingrown Hairs
Bacteria Cannot Breed in High Concentrations of Sugar
Sugar Can Remove Hair as Short as 1/16 of an Inch
Sugaring Will Not Damage Delicate Facial Tissue
Sugaring is Less Painful
Removes Hair in the Natural Direction of Growth

Sugaring, Known as Halawa, in the Middle East
is still practiced today. Halawa means sweet
in Arabic. It has been written that in ancient
times, women would remove all their body
hair for their wedding night. The Method
of body sugaring used today is very similar, 
but has been modernized for Professional
use in today's resorts, spas and salons.

I want to give a Special Thanks To
Tamara (Tami) The owner of Tamara's Sugar.
For coming out from Washington to give me a
Privet lesson in Sugaring. What fun that was,
Tamara is an amazing person and business owner
and alot of fun too. It was great to spend time in the
presents of such a master of Sugaring, let alone be
trained by her. But, of course we had some fun on her
visit, we went to V. Sattui Winery, Mumm Napa Valley,
Castello di Amorosa and of course ate to much at
Rutherford Grill. 

Thank You so much Tamara for the
awesome training and a special thanks to all the models
that allowed me to train on them.

   We only Use Tamara's Sugar

 I just want to say, I will never go back to waxing again. The difference between, sugaring and waxing
is like night and day. My skin was so soft after, unbelievable. seriously unbelievable.
So much less painful, felt like a warm spa treatment. Didn't know hair removal could be lux.
Love yeah, Gina


I turned my nose up to sugaring, Cheryl convinced me to try it and I'm so glad she did.
I will never wax again, sugaring is so much different. Cheryl put on the warm sugar and
with a slight tug removed it and my thought was, "is that it"
Ladies you have got to try Sugaring, you will never go back to waxing again.


Sugaring Me Sweet
Sugaring Me Sweet

Sugaring is Sexy, But there are Do's and Dont's

Sugaring, “Let it Grow,Let it Grow”
10-14 days for Shavers (Depending on how fast your hair grows)
3-4 weeks for those who wax or sugar. 
First timers, reach out for a chat! 
Hair should be about 1/8 to 1/4 for great results

No Exfoliating 2 days before and
2 days after
. (Can Cause Sensitivity)

(Then Gentle Exfoliating at least 3 times a week is key to preventing
ingrown hairs and breakouts between services, plus your skin will
look summer smooth and glowing)

I have a great BHA & Wild Yam Enzyme Scurb that is perfect for all your exfoliationg needs.

Wait to Hydrate
Lotions,Crème and Oils {OH My}
These products can make it hard for the sugar to remove hair, making sugaring less secessful.
(and we don't want that) So wait to hydrate.

Hot to Trot
Skip the work out, hot body temperatures and sugaring don’t mix.

No UV Exposure
Regardless of natural sun or tanning beds, sun burned skin and sugaring don’t mix. Before or After
Be Safe, Slather up with Sun Screen!!!!

Oh No, It’s Flo
Sensitivity, around that time of the month is normal, So, please schedule around your cycle. Please feel free to reschedule if you get a surprise visit. It happens, Comfort is key!

Leave it Alone
I know your skin feels so good, silky and smooth, but leave it alone, your skin may be more sensitive during the first few days.

Keep it Cool
No hot showers, hot tubs, steam rooms, dry saunas’ or hot showers after sugaring. Heat may increase skin sensitivity

Hot to Trot 2
Allow 24 hours after your service before your next workout. sweat can irritate your beautiful hair free follicles

EnJoy and Relax in a Bath
With luke warm  water and a small amount of Mild, Pure, Unsencented, Ebsom Salt. Ahhh!

Your Skin is for Life
I’m a firm believer in preserving healthy, beautiful skin; from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Don’t cheap out on your skin care needs. I believe in regular facials and body care treatments. Professional skin care product and having an Educated Licensed Esthetician in your corner for all your skin health wants and needs.