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  Are you looking for someone to set your new spa project on the right path, or are you looking to renew an existing spa, how about making that retail spa boutique into the money making mecca you've dreamed of, or maybe it's just a second pair of eyes to see where changes should be made.

  My no-fuss, no-muss and experience, effortlessly takes spa consulting to a new level. My down to earth, truthful approach can make the difference between clients coming though the door once or positive feed back and rebookings.

  When opening a new spa you may have many unanswered questions about spa design, or spa decor, what treatments should I offer, what about spa packages, what about gift cards, what about employees, what about their pay, tipping or not, how do I hire the right people, what about employee training, what about sanitation, what equipment and supplies should I have and where do I get it, what Skincare line should I offer, should I have a retail boutique, what kind of restful retreat should I have, towels, robes, spa foot wear?  The list can go on and on.

  When renewing an excising spa, do I need to close and gut, or can a few changes make the difference I'm looking for?

  Are you looking for a second pair of eyes that can go in and evaluate your existing spa, to help increase performance, rebooking issues, and profit ???

  Are your spa products collecting dust, want them to fly out the door. My keen esthetic detailed eye, and being a picky skin junkie. Can make the difference between, your products fly out the door or an expired expiration date.    

  How often do you or someone you have appoint shop your business for a quality check? How can you know if the reception staff is genuinely friendly and helpful or if the therapist is not cutting corners on their services, are you sure your staff really makes your clients feel at home, cared for and appreciated. Is your spa really as clean as you think, or is your clients remorseful regretting their visit when they see hair in the shower, or who knows what in the corners of the bathroom stall?

 I can help you with all those questions and more than you would have ever thought, bring your spa into the now and the future. Effortlessly taking spa consulting to a new level.

Cheryl Atkins LE
Skin Health Specialist

Spa Consultant

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